IMG_0320Born in 1963 in Targovishte, Jordan leaves his hometown as early as 13 years old, so that he could continue his education in the Art High-School of the city of Kazanlak. After he finishes school, Jordan enrolls himself in the Veliko Tarnovo University – major.

The works of Jordan Jordanov can be split into three separate periods, during which his outlook and art style underwent evolution.

First period

Jordan’s first creative period as an accomplished professional begins with his graduation. He took part in various national and international exhibitions:

  1. International Plain Air in Painting – Nikola Marinov;
  2. National exhibition of the painters pedagogues;
  3. Autumn salon of the arts;

The brightest and most vivid works from this period are:

  • “Butterflies” cycle and “Doors” cycle, related to the Plain Air N.Marinov. Those works are currently owned by the museum N.Marinov.
  •  “The last shot” and “Broken tiles” from the national exhibition Yastrebino, property of the Targovishte gallery.

Second period

In 1989 Jordan wins a contest in painting for an assistant professor in the Veliko Tarnovo University, which marks the beginning of his second creative period. Jordan continues to take part in many artistic initiatives such as:

  1. 18 group exhibitions;
  2. 8 national exhibitions;
  3. 3 international exhibitions;
  4. 7 solo exhibitions.

Key works from this period, mainly still art, naked bodies and compositions, are:

  • “Naked body” cycle – 9 paintings;
  • “Don Quixote”;
  • “Metamorphosis” cycle – 8 paintings;
  • Compositions “Interventions”, “Crucifixion”, “The fight of Icarus”, “St. George”.

Third period

Since 2003, Jordan Jordanov lives with his family in Sofia, where he creates his new works. This is his third period, the mature period. Having reached the summit of his academic career, Jordan turns his outlook towards the world trends in painting. Some of the milestones from this period are:

  1. 10 solo exhibitions;
  2. 10 group exhibitions;
  3. 3 national exhibitions;
  4. 4 international exhibitions.

The works, associated with the “mature” period of Jordan are:

  • „Antique“ cycle – 18 paintings;
  • Cycle “Tarnovgrad” – 30 paintings;
  • Cycle „Thracian gold treasures“;

Some of the awards given to Jordan Jordanov are:

1999 – award of Anubis Press for painting; 2008 – award of the president of the Veliko Tarnovo University, Faculty of Painting are many more. Works of Jordan are parts of many private collection in Bulgaria, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Canada, Germany, UAE, Switzerland.